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Copyright notices are available into the header of sources files and into the about boxes of software.

Development tools

GPSBook has been developped using QT (LGPL) and additional open sources pieces codes.  QT is an opensource framework compatible with Linux, Mac OS, Symbian, Meego and Windows.
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Questions about GPSBook

Why GPSBook is free ? It has been decided to develop GPSBook with open source tools diffuse it for free under the term of GPL licenses. Using open source component make the development easier and faster (It is not needed to rewrite something already existing…).

Why feature A or B are not present? When will it be available? The development of GPSBook has been created for my personal use and is answering to my needs. The development is done into my free time. I decided to publish this software to let you the opportunity to benefit of this tools. Their is no company beside this project and no benefit except the usage of GPSBook. The evolution of the tools will progress according the time I have and the features I need. Anyway, if you have a good idea, feel free to share it with me. If I like it I will certainly add it to GPSBook.

Questions about OS specificities

Why the version of Linux often more up to date than other OS release ? I'm using Ubuntu as main OS. I'm developing GPSBook under Linux and creating the windows version require extra work that is done time to time to give to windows users the opportunity to benefit to new features.

Why GPSBook is not available for MAC ? Because to develop for MacOS X, it is mandatory to use a mac and I don't have. The tools used to create this software are compatible with MacOS X. So if you are a developper, you can compile it from source. It should not be too difficult.