Even if GPSBook is providing a lot of features, it may not match to what you are looking for. This page is gathering links to software similare to GPSBook, maybe you will find something useful.

GPSMan GPS Manager (GPSMan) is a graphical manager of GPS data that makes possible the preparation, inspection and edition of GPS data. GPSMan supports communication and real-time logging with both Garmin, Lowrance and Magellan receivers and accepts real-time logging information in NMEA 0183 from any GPS receiver. GPSMan can also be used in command mode (with no graphical interface).
Available for Linux only.

Viking Viking is a free/open source program to manage GPS data. You can import and plot tracks and waypoints, show OpenStreetMap and/or Terraserver maps under it, download geocaches for an area on the map, make new tracks and waypoints, see real-time GPS position, etc. It is written in C with the GTK+ 2 toolkit, available for Linux, other POSIX operating systems, and Windows, and is licensed under the GNU GPLv2+.
Available for Linux and Windows.

GSAK GSAK is the all in one Geocaching and waypoint management tool. Major features include: Multiple databases, sending/receiving waypoints to GPSr, Google maps, conversion to many mapping formats, PDA output (including CacheMate support), HTML output, extensive searching, macro support, backup and restore, distance/direction from other waypoints (including caches, locations, post codes) and much more.
Available for Windows only.

Prune Prune is an application for viewing, editing and converting coordinate data from GPS systems. Basically it's a tool to let you play with your GPS data after you get home from your trip.
Available for Java Virtual Machine 1.5 and higher.

TangoGPS TangoGPS is an easy to use, fast and lightweight mapping application for use with or without GPS. It runs on any Linux platform froAvailable for Linuxm the desktop over eeePC down to phones like the Openmoko Neo. By default tangoGPS uses map data from the Openstreetmap project. Additionally a variety of other repositories can be easily added. The maps are automagically downloaded and cached for offline use while you drag or zoom the map. Furthermore you can conveniently pre-cache areas with tangoGPS.
Available for Linux only.

NavIt Navit is a car navigation system with routing engine. It's modular design is capable of using vector maps of various formats for routing and rendering of the displayed map. It's even possible to use multiple maps at a time.
Available for Linux only.

Pytrainer Pytrainer is a tool to log all your sport excursion coming from GPS devices (with a focus on ForeRunnner 205, 305 and 405) or GPX files. Pytrainer supports GPS track files and displays it in graphs, maps...
Available for Python enabled machine.

Turtle Sport Turtle Sport is a free software developed to communicate with Garmin fitness products (forerunner and edge).
Turtle Sport retrieves yours training sessions from your Garmin and it makes diagram. You can also order your training sessions by category and training mode. With Turtle Sport, it is also possible to map your GPS training paths in Google Earth.
Athlete can configure his profile (weight, heart rate, equipment...) too. You can parameter a critical alert when your equipment (running shoes for example) is used during more than a predefined distance.
Available for Java Virtual Machine 1.5 or higher.

GPSSportTrace GPSSportTrace est une application open source sous licence GNU LGPL pour l'exploitation des traces GPS multisport pour ForeRunner et autre GPS sportif reconnu par Gpsbabel. Utilisable sur de nombreux sports, de la simple randonnée jusqu'au sport mécanique. Permet de visualiser les traces sur une carte IGN et d'obtenir des Statistiques et des graphiques de vos performances.
Available in French and for Linux only.