How to use Garmin 60CSx with Ubuntu

Under Ubuntu, to be able to use this GPSr with non-privileged users, it is required to add the script
containing the following parameters:
   SYSFS{idProduct}=="0003", MODE="666"

This GPSr can use maps coming from OpenStreetMap that are available for free for every location of the planet. Maps can be downloaded from openstreetmap's wiki.

GPSBook Beta2 for windows

A new version of GPSBook for Windows has been published.

Change log:

  • This windows version is providing almost the same features as Linux version.
  • SRTM plugin and feature related to altitude has not been ported to Windows.
Note: You must uninstall previous version of GPSBook before installaing this new release.

GPSBook V0.1-430 available for Linux

A new version of GPSBook for linux has been published.

Change log:

  • Edition capabilities of Graphic 2D has improved to make split and waypoint deletion more convenient.
  • A new reload file button has been added
  • Some minor bug fixes

GPSBook v0.1-424 available for Linux with one new plugin

GPSBook v0.1-424 has been published today.


This new version comes with some improvement of the main interface and the new GPSBabel plugin.

GPSBabel plugin is integrating GeBabbel directly inside GPSBook. This plugin give to GPSBook all the power of gpsbabel. gpsbabel is the swiss army knife of every owner of GPS reciver.

GPSBook V0.1-409M available for Linux

A new version of GPSBook for linux has been published.

Picture from Flikr
Change log:
  • The main interface is now capable to display traces without date. This kind of feature is planned to be use to manage a file of point of interest like geocaches.
  • Add SRTM plugin able to use NASA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data to correct altitudes of track and to generate terrain into Graphic3D plugin. This feature has been added using the open source code written within the project OpenStreetMap.
  • Add LOC plugin able to load loc file (use by for example).
  • Add cookie management into Internet Browser to improve browsing experience.
  • Add more website into Internet Browser plugin. (Note: It is not possible to directly download LOC file from because of Webkit bug [49650]).
Windows version is not yet available... be patient or... install Linux ;-).

Geocaching a high tech game

I did discover recently a high tech game base on the usage of a GPS: Geocaching.

To know what geocaching is, the best is to have a look into
Profile for gpsbook

Conclusion, some new features related to geocaching will be added soon.

New release: check this web site frequently.

Early release of GPSBook are available for Linux and Windows.

No less than 6 updates have been published last month adding new features and improving the interface.

New versions are published frequently. You should keep an eye to this web site to have access to the latest version and benefit the latest features.

So keep in mind to check downloads page or subscribe to this blog, I will try post some news in this blog.