GPSBook v0.1-424 available for Linux with one new plugin

GPSBook v0.1-424 has been published today.


This new version comes with some improvement of the main interface and the new GPSBabel plugin.

GPSBabel plugin is integrating GeBabbel directly inside GPSBook. This plugin give to GPSBook all the power of gpsbabel. gpsbabel is the swiss army knife of every owner of GPS reciver.

With this plugin, GPSBook is now compatible with numerous format of GPS data.
  • gpx version 1.0 and 1.1
  • ozi used by OziExplorer
  • kml used by google earth
  • osm from OpenStreetMap
  • and many other formats...
Gpsbabel and so GPSBook can also download data directly from a GPS device (Garmin, Magellan...)

It is also possible to merge, split, filter any track, route and and waypoints contained into your web site.

To have more detail about the capability of gpsbabel you shoulde refer to official documentation of gpsbabel.

Note: This plugin required the installation of gpsbabel.