GPSBook V0.1-409M available for Linux

A new version of GPSBook for linux has been published.

Picture from Flikr
Change log:
  • The main interface is now capable to display traces without date. This kind of feature is planned to be use to manage a file of point of interest like geocaches.
  • Add SRTM plugin able to use NASA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data to correct altitudes of track and to generate terrain into Graphic3D plugin. This feature has been added using the open source code written within the project OpenStreetMap.
  • Add LOC plugin able to load loc file (use by for example).
  • Add cookie management into Internet Browser to improve browsing experience.
  • Add more website into Internet Browser plugin. (Note: It is not possible to directly download LOC file from because of Webkit bug [49650]).
Windows version is not yet available... be patient or... install Linux ;-).